Pain Management

Pain Management in Huntsville & Decatur, AL

What is pain management?

Dr. John Roberts is a double board-certified physician with over 25 years of experience treating pain from all causes. He is one of only a few fellowship-trained doctors in North Alabama who treat pain as their specialty. 

How Does Dr. Roberts Evaluate Pain?

Since 2002, Dr. Roberts has used an extensive evaluation of patients’ problems to find the source of pain first. He then spends the time to discuss why you hurt and your options for treatment, including medications, injections, ablations, spinal implants, and other available alternative treatments such as ketamine infusions and natural remedies. Patients come to Dr. Roberts for a second opinion or to try to get better relief when other treatments, injections, or surgeries have not been effective. There are always options, and giving up is not an option!

At Living Healthy MD, we use the latest procedures and techniques to help our patients move toward Freedom from Pain. Contact us to schedule an appointment today and optimize your body’s well-being.

Pain Management Options


Although many rely mainly on pain medications, Dr. Roberts uses these sparingly and in conjunction with other therapies. With the focus on holistic solutions for pain management Huntsville & Decatur, AL patients rely on, he targets the true cause of the pain as much as possible.

Platelet Rich Plasma

PRP is the future of pain management! Your platelets contain the healing and growth proteins that mend you back together. Decades of research have shown that the properly prepared PRP injected in joints (shoulder, knee, hips) and in the spine, disc, facet joints, and nerves can dramatically reduce pain and injury with lasting results. Dr. Roberts has top-of-the-line equipment and the experience to get the best results. Many patients can stop pain medications and even avoid surgeries after a series of PRP injections.


Dr. Roberts offers injections and procedures for pain management that can help you get extended relief in a setting that is most comfortable for you. He offers procedures in the office without sedation with local anesthesia. If a patient prefers sedation, Dr. Roberts will provide procedures with IV sedation at Crestwood Medical Center or Madison Surgery Center. Dr. Roberts has 25 years' experience performing procedural pain management in Huntsville, AL and other locations and has performed over 50,000 procedures since coming to Huntsville in 2002.

Alternative Treatments

Dr. Roberts believes in treating the whole patient and not limiting therapy to medicines and injections. Your biology and biochemistry act in concert with hormone messengers, proteins, peptides, vitamins, and your DNA to allow for a well-running body and mind. Sleep is vital. Water is vital. The types of foods you eat are critical to your gut health and microbiome, which support your mood, energy, and immune system. Habits can be good or bad. Dr. Roberts will discuss these with you as part of your evaluation. In short, we treat the whole patient to get the best and longest lasting results for pain management Madison, AL patients depend on.

Ketamine Infusions

Ketamine is an IV anesthetic that can be given at a low dose to treat refractory neuropathic pain and other problems. An infusion and evaluation appointment takes about an hour in a monitored setting with a nurse and doctor who have experience providing this type of care. A series of six infusions over six to eight weeks can be transformative even for refractory pain.

“Was absolutely thrilled to learn today that Dr. Roberts can continue to be my pain management doctor and perform my procedures. I have been a patient of his since 2013 and have been extremely pleased with him and his team.”

– Sharon K C