Therapeutic Services in Huntsville & Decatur, AL

Living Healthy MD is a modern health clinic that provides natural, effective methods to maintain and improve your health. Dr. John Roberts is an expertly trained regenerative health and pain specialist. He is dedicated to helping patients maintain and repair their health.

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IV Therapy

Here at Living Healthy MD, we offer a wide variety of IV therapy, each with unique benefits and uses. Whether you want to boost your energy and metabolism, optimize hormone levels, speed up recovery, rehydrate, improve pain relief or detoxify your body, we have an IV for you.


Xeomin, fillers, and related injectables have multiple uses. While they are best known for their cosmetic purposes, injectables can also be used to treat migraines, severe headaches, and similar ailments.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement

Replenishing our bodies with the exact hormones that we need allows for dramatic improvements in health, vitality, libido and many other aspects of life.


The good news is that while there is an effective treatment that can bring "Smell cells" or olfactory cells cells back to vitality quickly, restoring function and smell within a few short days or a week.

Semaglutide Weight Loss Program

Semaglutide is a once weekly injection that is FDA-approved for weight loss. It keeps you fuller for longer, prevents over-eating, and subsequently helps you lose weight.