Anosmia Treatment in Huntsville, AL

Loss of Smell Treatment

Dr. John Roberts is a highly trained physician with extensive experience diagnosing and treating patients throughout the Huntsville, Decatur, and Madison area for loss of taste and smell. Call (256) 715-7483 to request an appointment today.
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Dr. Roberts’ Personal Experience with Anosmia

It’s no secret that many have suffered from COVID-19 in different ways, but one life-altering complication of the disease is the loss of taste (ageusia) and smell (anosmia).

It’s hard to explain to someone who has not experienced it, but my sense of taste evaporated in the middle of supper! I was eating a juicy piece of salmon and the next minute it tasted like rubber. I could no longer taste coffee or smell anything! Now, my smell and taste returned within a month of having COVID, but for many people, the problem becomes long-lasting. For over a year, there was not only any credible reason given for the loss of these senses but there was no effective treatment either.

Anosmia Treatment

Since the onset of this horrible consequence of COVID, researchers all over the world have been looking into the pathology and the possible treatment options other than “patiently, wait and see!”

The prevailing consensus is that the problem lies with the virus’s underlying effect on the sympathetic nervous system. Although you may have never heard of this bundle of nerves, they are vital in many functions including blood flow. These nerves travel with the arteries and cause the blood vessels bringing blood to your tissues to dilate, bringing more nutrients and oxygen, or to constrict, reducing life-sustaining blood to your organs and tissues.

This overreaction of these nerves is what happens in the presence of COVID-19 causing your “Smell cells” or olfactory cells to go dormant and weather cousin and anosmia.

The good news is that while there is an effective treatment that can bring those cells back to vitality quickly, restoring function and smell within a few short days or a week. Unfortunately, if the cells have died it won’t work, but it is definitely worth a try!

Nerve Block of the Stellate Ganglion

The treatment involves a nerve block of the Stellate ganglion, which is located in your neck just above your collar bone and to the side of your Adam’s apple. It is an outpatient procedure but can only be performed by a specially trained doctor, usually an Anesthesiologist trained in interventional pain management procedures. The procedure is not presently covered by insurance.

Treatment from Dr. Roberts

While there are only a few doctors in North Alabama qualified to perform this procedure, there is only one presently doing it for anosmia. Dr. John Roberts is a double board-certified Anesthesiologist whose entire practice, Living Health MD, is committed to creating a culture of health and freedom from pain by restoring vitality and function, while eliminating suffering.

The procedure takes only a few minutes and is perfromed in his office under local anesthesia and x-ray guidance.

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